Pre-release software is buggy. To make it less buggy, please let us know when you have problems with these programs.

GingerALE 3.0

GingerALE 3 adds support for the MNI152 reference space.
False Discovery Rate thresholds have been removed (but they can be enabled in the preferences).
Option for old ALE algorithm (union vs max) removed in favor of exclusively using newer algorithm.
Now saves unthresholded Z score image
Cluster statistics have been simplified to show percentage of each label in each cluster
Cluster spreadsheet (renamed to "_peaks.xls") now gives ALE/P/Z value for each local maxima in all clusters

All Platforms

Sleuth 3.0

Sleuth 3 adds support for searching within your workspace or the search results. Use the "Filter Results" and "Filter Workspace" field at the bottom of the window. Sleuth 3.0a2 uses the filter results when saving or exporting your dataset.

Known Issue: Behavioral Histograms graph is buggy - some bars can disappear until the window is resized.

3.0a5 - adds a fix for loading Scribe papers that do not have a defined Context

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Scribe 3.3

Scribe 3.3 has been released!