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Citing the Taxonomy

If you have used the BrainMap database in your research, please cite one or more of the following papers in your references.

Fox PT & Lancaster JL. Mapping context and content: the BrainMap model. Nature Reviews | Neuroscience 3, 319-321, 2002. [pdf]

Fox PT, Laird AR, Fox SP, Fox PM, Uecker AM, Crank M, Koenig SF, Lancaster JL. BrainMap Taxonomy of Experimental Design: Description and Evaluation. Human Brain Mapping 25, 185-198, 2005. [pdf]

Laird AR, Lancasgter JL, Fox PT. BrainMap: The Social Evolution of a Human Brain Mapping Database. Neuroinformatics 3, 65-77, 2005. [pdf]

References we cite?

VBM Analysis: Good 2001? Asburner & Friston 2000?

Example papers

For citations concerning the BrainMap taxonomy:

Citation: Instutute of Psychiatry, King's College of London -> University of London

Prose: Thierry, 2003

Subject: Subgroup of Main Group

Condition EV: Uncapher, J o Neurology, 2005

Context: fibromyalgia, anorexia, Abel 2003, De Nil 2003, MAO-A, Tzourio-Mazoyer 1998, ADHD learners, Klein 2001

VBM Analysis: Good 2001? Asburner & Friston 2000?

Contrast: FAS children, Anderson 2000, Frodl 2007, "Pre > Post Sleep Deprivation", etc

Paradigm: best references?

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