The title of the published article. Capitalize the initial word and those used to capitalize proper names; use lowercase for all other words. Also, capitalize the first letter after a colon. Do not leave a period at the end of the title.


The full name of the journal of publication. Do not use abbreviations. Do not include section titles.


The name of the institution where the data was acquired. Do not use department names.

Institution examples:

PubMed ID

The Medline number/PubMed ID is a unique identifier which can be located at the Medline/PubMed website. If a paper is not archived there, leave this field blank.


Use only keywords published with the papers. If no keywords are listed in the publication, do not use any keywords. Be precise - "fMRI" and "functional MRI" are considered two different keywords. Do not use capital letters except for proper names/nouns or acronyms.


Include all author names listed in the publication. Put authors the same order as listed in the publication.

Format names as last name followed by the initials of first names. Use as little punctuation as possible - don't put a period after initials. You can use hyphens in last names, but do not hyphenate first names.

Avoid adding additional versions of an author's name. Try to re-use an existing formatting if it exists in the database.

Author examples:

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