Experiments are defined as a comparison of two or more brain images that result in a statistical parametric image.

Statistical Parametric Image (SPI)

SPIs are three-dimensional statistical maps which are used to identify regionally specific effects. What these effects represent depends on the paper's experimental design. BrainMap's experiment-level meta-data describes key aspects of that design.

In structural papers, anatomical scans are compared to find structural differences. VBM Analysis describes the methodology used to compare the images. Anatomical differences are often related to diseases or treatments.

In functional experiments, functional imaging is used to scan subjects during conditions. These scans measure brain activation, so functional SPIs identify differences in neural activity. The experimental design of functional experiments is more flexible, as differences could be due to any aspect of the conditions (changes in stimulus, response or instruction) in addition to differences seen in structural papers, such as across subject groups or sessions.

Both types of papers compare brain images to find localized differences. The results of these comparisons are reported as three-dimensional coordinates in a normalized reference space.

Experiment-Level Meta-Data

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