ICD Codes

ICD codes are a standard diagnostic tool for epidemiology, that are maintained by the World Health Organization and is in its tenth version. Formally called the The International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, it is usually shortened to International Classification of Diseases or ICD. ICD codes are hierarchical and can range from broad to very specific.

Follow the circled links after the ICD code to see example datasets. Functional data uses Ⓕ and Ⓢ is for structural data.


ICD Description
A00‑B99Infectious and Parasitic Diseases
A81.1 Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis
B00.4 Herpesviral encephalitis
B10 Herpes virus (herpes simplex) infections - (co-coded with B00.4)
C50 Malignant neoplasm of breast
C71.6 Malignant neoplasm of cerebellum
C91 Lymphoid leukemia
C95 Leukemia, unspecified cell type
D55‑D59Hemolytic anemias
D57 Sickle-cell disorders
E00‑E89Endocrine, Nutritional and Metabolic diseases
E03 Hypothyroidism
E10 Type 1 diabetes mellitus
E23.0 Hypopituitarism
E25.9 Adrenogenital Disorders
E66  Obesity
E70.3 Albinism
F10‑F19Disorders due to psychoactive substance use
F10.1  Alcohol abuse
F11.2 Opioid dependence
F14.1 Cocaine abuse
F15.2 Other stimulant dependence
F17.2  Nicotine dependence
F19.9  Unspecified psychoactive substance-induced disorder
F20‑F29Schizophrenia and non-mood psychotic disorders
F20  Schizophrenia
F25  Schizoaffective disorder
F29  Unspecified psychosis not due to a substance or known physiological condition
F30‑F39Mood [affective] disorders
F31  Bipolar disorders
F33  Recurrent major depressive disorder
F34.81 Disruptive mood dysregulation disorder
F34.89 Other specified persistent mood disorders
F40‑F49Anxiety and nonpsychotic mental disorders
F40.1  Social phobias
F40.2  Specific (isolated) phobias
F41.0  Panic disorder [episodic paroxysmal anxiety] without agoraphobia
F41.1  Generalized anxiety disorder
F42  Obsessive compulsive disorder
F43.10  Post-traumatic stress disorder
F44 Dissociative and conversion disorders
F45.22 Body dysmorphic disorder
F45.4 Pain disorders related to psychological factors
F50Eating disorders
F50.0  Anorexia nervosa
F50.2  Bulimia nervosa
F50.9 Unspecified eating disorder
F52Sexual disorders
F52.0  Lack of sexual drive
F52.21  Male erectile disorder
F60‑F69Disorders of adult personality and behavior
F60.1  Schizoid personality disorder
F60.2  Antisocial personality disorder
F60.3  Borderline personality disorder
F63.3 Trichotillomania
F63.81  Intermittent explosive disorder
F64.0 Transsexualism
F65.4  Pedophilia
F65.5 Sexual masochism
F70‑F79Intellectual disabilities
F79 Unspecified intellectual disabilities
F80‑F89Pervasive and specific developmental disorders
F80.81  Childhood onset fluency disorder
F80.9 Developmental disorder of speech and language, unspecified
F81.2 Dyscalculia
F84.0  Autistic disorder
F84.5  Asperger's syndrome
F84.9  Pervasive developmental disorder, unspecified
F88 Other disorders of psychological development
F90‑F98Behavioral disorders with adolescent onset
F90  Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder
F91  Conduct disorder
F95.2  Tourette's disorder
F98 Other behavioral and emotional disorders with onset usually occurring in childhood and adolescence
F99Unspecified mental disorder
F99 Mental disorder, not otherwise specified
G10‑G14Systemic atrophies of the central nervous system
G10  Huntington's disease
G11.1 Early-onset cerebellar ataxia
G11.3 Cerebellar ataxia with defective DNA repair
G11.4 Hereditary spastic paraplegia
G11.9 Hereditary ataxia, unspecified
G12.1 Other inherited spinal muscular atrophy
G12.21  Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
G20‑G26Extrapyramidal and movement disorders
G20  Parkinson's disease
G23.1 Progressive supranuclear ophthalmoplegia [Steele-Richardson-Olszewski]
G24.3 Spasmodic torticollis
G24.4 Orofacial dystonia (Meige's Syndrome)
G24.5  Blepharospasm
G24.8 Other dystonia
G24.9 Unspecified Dystonia
G25.0 Essential Tremor
G25.81 Restless legs syndrome
G25.89 Other specified extrapyramidal and movement disorders
G30‑G32Degenerative neurological diseases
G30  Alzheimer's disease
G31.0  Frontotemporal dementia
G31.01  Pick's disease
G31.83 Dementia with Lewy bodies
G31.84  Mild cognitive impairment, so stated
G31.85 Corticobasal degeneration
G31.9 Degenerative disease of nervous system, unspecified
G35‑G37Demyelinating diseases
G35  Multiple sclerosis
G36.0 Neuromyelitis Optica
G37.8 Clinically Isolated Syndrom (MS related)
G40‑G47Episodic and paroxysmal disorders
G40.2  Localization-related idiopathic epilepsy
G40.3 Generalized idiopathic epilepsy and epileptic syndromes
G40.A Absence epileptic syndrome
G40.B  Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy [impulsive petit mal]
G40.89  Other Epilepsy and seizure disorders
G43 Migraines
G44.3 Post-traumatic headache
G44.89 Other headache syndrome
G47.0 Insomnia
G47.3 Sleep apnea
G47.33 Obstructive sleep apnea
G47.41  Narcolepsy
G50‑G59Nerve, nerve root and plexus disorders
G50.0 Trigeminal neuralgia
G50.1 Atypical facial pain
G70‑G73Diseases of myoneural junction and muscle
G71.0 Muscular dystrophy
G71.11 Myotonic muscular dystrophy
G80‑G83Cerebral palsy and other paralytic syndromes
G80 Cerebral palsy
G89‑G99Other disorders of the nervous system
G89.2  Chronic pain, not elsewhere classified
G90.3  Multi-system degeneration of the autonomic nervous system
G93.1 Anoxic brain damage
G93.81 Temporal sclerosis
G93.9  Other disorders of brain, including lesions
H00‑H59Diseases of the eye
H50 Strabismus
H53.0 Amblyopia
H54.0  Blindness
H55.0 Nystagmus
H60‑H95Diseases of the ear and mastoid process
H81 Disorders of vestibular function
H90  Deafness
H93.1 Tinnitus
I60‑I69Cerebrovascular diseases
I63  Cerebral infarction
K00‑K95Diseases of the digestive system
K58  Irritable bowel syndrome
M00‑M99Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue
M05 Rheumatoid arthritis with rheumatoid factor
M19  Osteoarthritis
M26.62 Arthralgia of temporomandibular joint
M32 Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
M54.5  Low back pain
M79.7  Fibromyalgia
N80‑N98Noninflammatory disorders of female genital tract
N80 Endometriosis
N94.1 Dyspareunia
N94.2 Vaginismus
N94.3 Premenstrual tension syndrome
N94.4 Primary dysmenorrhea
N94.810 Vulvar vestibulitis
N95.9 Unspecified menopausal and perimenopausal disorder
P00‑P96Certain conditions originating in the prenatal period
P04.3  Newborn (suspected to be) affected by maternal use of alcohol
P07.3 Preterm [premature] newborn [other]
Q00‑Q89Congenital malformations
Q04 Other congenital malformations of brain, not elsewhere classified
Q82.0 Hereditary lymphedema
Q85.1 Tuberous sclerosis
Q86.0  Fetal alcohol syndrome (dysmorphic)
Q90‑Q99Chromosomal abnormalities
Q90 Down syndrome
Q93.81  Velo-cardio-facial syndrome
Q93.88 Other microdeletions
Q96  Turner's syndrome
Q99.2  Fragile X chromosome
R20Disturbances of skin sensation
R10.2 Pelvic and perineal pain
R20.8 Other disturbances of skin sensation
R25‑R29Symptoms and signs involving the nervous and musculoskeletal systems
R27.8 Lack of coordination
R30‑R39Symptoms and signs involving the genitourinary system
R32 Unspecified urinary incontinence
R40Symptoms involving somnolence, stupor and coma
R40.3 Persistent vegetative state
R41Symptoms involving cognition and awareness
R41.3 Amnesia
R43Disturbances of smell and taste
R43.0  Absence of sense of smell
R43.1 Disorders of sense of smell
R43.2 Parageusia
R45Symptoms and signs involving emotional state
R45.84 Anhedonia
R45.89 Other symptoms and signs involving emotional state
R47‑R49Symptoms and signs involving speech and voice
R47.01  Aphasia
R47.89 Other speech disturbances
R48.0  Dyslexia and alexia
R48.2 Apraxia
R48.3 Visual agnosia
R51‑R69General symptoms and signs
R51 Headache
R53  Malaise and fatigue
R55 Syncope and collapse
R90‑R94Abnormal findings on diagnostic imaging
R90.82 Unspecified white matter disease
S00‑T88Injury, poisoning and certain other consequences of external causes
S06.02  Diffuse traumatic brain injury
S24  Injury of nerves and spinal cord at thorax level
T14 Injury of unspecified body region
T76 Adult and child abuse, neglect and other maltreatment, suspected
V00‑Y99External causes of morbidity
Y38.7 Terrorism involving chemical weapons
Z14‑Z15Genetic carrier and genetic susceptibility to disease
Z14 Genetic carrier of a disease
Z15  Genetic susceptibility to a disease
Z72Problems related to lifestyle
Z72.6 Gambling and betting
Z77‑Z99Potential health hazards related to family history and personal history
Z81.1  Family history of alcohol abuse and dependence
Z81.8  Family history of other mental and behavioral disorders
Z82.49 Family history of ischemic heart disease and other diseases of the circulatory system
Z89 Acquired absence of limb
Z91.49  Personal history of psychological trauma
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