Workshop Schedule for December 2017

Day 1 - Friday, December 1

8:30Peter FoxLectureOverview of Coordinate-Based Meta-Analysis
9:20Michaela RobertsonLectureThe BrainMap Taxonomy:
Scribe & Sleuth
10:10Coffee Break
10:30Michaela Robertson
& Kimberly Ray
PracticumScribe & Sleuth Examples
12:00Lunch Break
1:30Mickle FoxLectureThe ALE Algorithm:
Concepts & Evolution
2:30Peter FoxLectureALE Meta-Analysis:
Step by step
3:30Coffee Break
4:00Mickle FoxPracticumGingerALE Examples
5:00BrainMap TeamQ & ABrainMap / Meta-Analysis
5:30End of Day 1

Day 2 - Saturday, December 2

8:30Jack LancasterLectureMango Overview
9:20Jack LancasterLectureBrainMap/Mango Interactions
10:10Coffee Break
10:30BrainMap TeamPracticumMango Examples
12:00Lunch Break
1:30Peter FoxLectureBrainMap Network Modeling:
2:20Kimberly RayLectureMACM & Graph Theory Modeling:
Step by step
3:10Coffee Break
3:30Wei ZhangLectureApplying BrainMap Network Models to Primary Data
4:30Peter FoxLectureFuture Directions
5:00BrainMap TeamQ & AMango/BrainMap
5:30End of Day 2
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