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Standard Reference Space

Create a more detailed version of this information on a page in the Training section and link to that. Just a quick summary here.

1985-86(?) Talairach papers

Coordinate Database

Creation of first database in Excel spreadsheet. Saved paper-level and experiment-level meta-data in columns next to coordinate values. Already had the several meta-data fields which will look familiar in the taxonomy (contrast, subjects, behavior, modality).
Show image of early whole-db on glass-brain (Search&View?)

Creation of Taxonomy

Frontiers in Neuroinformatics 1994 - Supercard figure, Paper level & Experiment level figure, Location search UI, Behavioral search UI: included behavior, paradigm, stimulus & response

Science 1994 - color figures: SQL DB + Entry + Search & View, Plot of locations

La Recherohe 1996 - S&V 4, Talairach daemon & Quick Author search

Taxonomy Revisions

Refining things during San Antonio BrainMap meetings in the 90s. Continuing to these references:

Fox PT & Lancaster JL. Mapping context and content: the BrainMap model. Nature Reviews | Neuroscience 3, 319-321, 2002. [pdf]

Fox PT, Laird AR, Fox SP, Fox PM, Uecker AM, Crank M, Koenig SF, Lancaster JL. BrainMap Taxonomy of Experimental Design: Description and Evaluation. Human Brain Mapping 25, 185-198, 2005. [pdf]

Laird AR, Lancasgter JL, Fox PT. BrainMap: The Social Evolution of a Human Brain Mapping Database. Neuroinformatics 3, 65-77, 2005. [pdf]

Addition of structural database. Mostly VBM Analysis section, but also several others.

Asburner & Friston 2000

Good 2001

Addition of sparse coding. Prose description was changed. Adding paradigm classes all the time. Link to "recent database changes" page. Planning on more, like stimulus content.

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