Meta-Analytic Network Modelling Workshop

A Meta-Analytic Network Modeling Workshop will be held at the Vancouver Convention Centre the Friday and Saturday (June 23 & 24) immediately preceding the 2017 OHBM conference.

BrainMap, GingerALE & Mango

Coordinate-based meta-analyses (CBMA) mine the large and rapidly growing literature using standardized coordinates to report neural effects of task performance, functional and structural alterations in neuropsychiatric disorders, and treatment effects.

The BrainMap® databases and software tools (Scribe, Sleuth and GingerALE) collectively form a widely used, comprehensive environment for CBMA and modeling of functional and structural neuroimaging results.

Mango® is a software package for visualization, analysis, and data-driven interpretation (anatomical, behavioral and diagnostic) of meta-analytic and primary neuroimaging data.

Daily Schedule

In this workshop, lectures on the theoretical foundations of CBMA alternate with practical sessions teaching construction of meta-analytic network-models using BrainMap, GingerALE, and Mango.

Applications of 3rd-party network-modeling tools to BrainMap data are demonstrated, including independent components analysis (ICA), graph theoretic modeling (GTA), structural equation modeling (SEM), connectivity-based parcellation (CBP), and author-topic modeling (ATM). Applications of BrainMap-derived node-and-edge models to primary neuroimaging data (structural and functional) using 3rd-party modeling tools are also demonstrated.


All attendees should bring a laptop computer pre-loaded with the BrainMap suite of tools and training materials. Software manuals, video tutorials and example data are available for download.

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