Paradigm Class - Episodic Recall

Episodic Recall

Recall from episodic memory (autobiographical, long-term memories) in a guided/unguided manner. Episodic information can be personal experiences as well as the specific objects, people, and events experienced at a particular time and place and can involve, for example, items defined as constituting discrete story elements or personal memories such as those elicited from each participant during a pre-scanning interview and then recalled via recording/script in the scanner. Recall of memories to elicit emotions such as happiness or sadness, should be co-coded with Emotion Induction. Task does NOT probe semantic memory (memory of facts or concepts) in which participants are asked to recall stimuli that was memorized prior to scanning - those are coded as Cued Explicit Recognition/Recall. Recall of traumatic events are coded as Trauma Recall, not Episodic Recall. First: Tulving, 1972 Most: Mayberg, et al. 1999

Co-coded Terms

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